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      Emilie Mvila

      Dear pastor / Beloved
      I need the Hand of God in my relationship with Jean Serge Bouanissa my partner who is ready to settle leave and to serve the Lord together
      My prayer request is to get married to be very closer to God and break the loneliness spirit that is between me and Jean Serge as He says in the book of Gen 2-12 so that we can stay together and serve God freely
      I’m asking God to touch his heart deeply to be sold out for the things of His Kingdom to serve Him and Him alone in Spirit and in truth as In the book of Mat 6-33
      Please beloved let’s join our faiths together for this man Jean Serge Bouanissa to be zealed to put God first in this relationship for the seek of His kingdom and for His purpose to be fulfill in our and people lives In Jesus Name
      And in all this for His Name alone to be glorified
      Remain blessed in Jesus Name

      Sis Emilie

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      sal a chillemi

      The lord has promised me a wife, now I have seen the lady a few times but we did not connect first it was because I was frightened and then I was always missing the opportunity.

      Most recently at the church I attend I asked for prayer for a wife and described that the lord has someone for me. So I got prayer. The following Sunday I had to go to my job for a staff meeting, and when I left for church I saw the lady driving away from my church, apparently she attended the first service and I always attend the second service. I was taken back to tears. This has been going on for six years.

      I don’t know her name, have an idea about where she lives, but am anxious and concerned that I have always blown it and worried that I will never marry again. I am 64 been divorced 24 years. Want so much to be married and serve the lord in a greater capacity, but here I am 42 years saved working as a counselor in a foster home with adults, and no wife………….please ask God to answer me, bring me my God moment, provide another opportunity, Thank you

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