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Man on the stairs

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      Njeri M Pringle

      So, so I had a dream. I don’t remember all of the things that I was with Mazelee the YouTube personality who is African American woman married to a Korean guy and she was on the couch and some of the kids were around the nose on the loveseat and a husband came in notice that his knee touch mine and I think I got up. She was complaining about something and then the dream flashed to like I was going into this jewelry store, but I was walking in as if I was the owner. But the office turned out to be my friend Brian, who’s in technology. And I looked around and I saw pictures of him and his wife on a bookshelf. And I started writing notes on this notebook and I took the notebook and pen/pencil and I started walking out. Seems like I was on a college campus and I looked to my left and I saw a person and when they saw me sort of back away, a back down the stairs. And as I continue to walk, I was walking into this long set of stairs. And I looked down and saw this man was waiting and I could tell that he was waiting on me and somewhere I discovered that he was menacing like a disturbance in my spirit and looked up at me and I started backing up and that was the end of the dream.

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      Jud Lan

      Hi Njeri,
      There are a lot of little snippets in this dream that may mean you are picking up on various spiritual perspectives or how people are feeling in real life. Dreams are to give you insight in how to pray and how to act. For instance the married youtuber – husband perhaps may be experiencing some jealousy – you get up and leave. You should pray for faithfulness and peace in thier marriage.

      Brian ultimately ‘owns’ the jewelry store (a lot of valuables under his direction and at his fingertips), but he and his wife are feeling like they are left on a shelf. Please pray for them that they will be patient until their open door happens for them and to continue stewarding what they have well. Also, to not necessarily be afraid of anyone who walks into thier lives acting like they own the place taking notes, etc. (possibly an auditor) because they will be friendly and ultimately no harm was done.

      College stairs going down – you are picking up on some sinister plots that you can just pray against. Although you back away, that represents how people are feeling if they walk into that situation: they want to back off, back away. Therefore, pray that no harm will come and that the plots of the enemy will be exposed and ineffective.

      You have a gift of discernment and are called to intercede for those things you are sensing in others. Blessings to you as you mature in these areas, in Jesus name. Amen.

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