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      Been wandering through the desert for 13.5 years now. Although professionally, God seemed to be solidifying a career path for me in the past 2.5 years, the slow progression has seem to halt as I received word that He wants me to stay at my current company despite plateauing my talents, skills & finances for the past 6 months. Recently, I’ve been contacted for 2 job leads but one (as often seem(ed/s) to be the theme of my desert), dismissed me right away while the other, I’m highly doubtful. I don’t understand why God seems to revitalize my hope only to take it away. I know He doesn’t take it away, that’s on me, but I’ve shown Him how I’ll persevere in my faith despite everything, esp. in the past 6 yrs & pray for Him to help me with this to the very end, so why test me? Is He testing me?

      The same applies for my desire to marry & have children. He either brought/allowed a man into my life that I would very much like to live out the meaning of marriage with only to take him out of my life. Though I have been praying everyday for almost a year to be healed, delivered, let go, the desire is still just as strong as the day we met. I recently reached out to this man after almost a year of no interaction & I fear I may have just set myself up for another heart break/dead end. I’ve been praying for marriage and kids itself for the past 6 yrs (persistently in the past 2.5) & like my career, nothing will change. I feel like I’ve done everything I could on my part to make a change, but God still says no. I’ve checked my heart & know I want to use all these possible blessings to glorify Him but even then, there’s no breakthrough. It’s been like this for so long that I feel like I’m cursed hence, why I’m asking for breakthrough (more so with marriage & kids at this pt. because though work I love doing would be ideal, I just want to be able to financially support a future household at the end of the day & feel greedy asking God for too much that isn’t even pertinent in this life). However this is all interpreted for prayer, I immensely appreciate as I could use all the prayer I can get. Thank you.

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      Hi Sylvia, I think you need to surrender full control to God as far as your job, desire to be married and children are concerned. Your main problem is that you are trying to control how God does it. There is nothing wrong with your desires. You are not asking for too much. God can do all of this and MORE! You need to allow Him to do it His way and in His timing.

      It will all happen but you must surrender the timing and the “how”.

      Praying that you surrender control.

      God bless you.

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