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      I was driving by with a friend. Viewing a house. It seemed as though the house was where my friend might would eventually be living. But the House was made of big blocks of cream colored stone. And they had constructed two large garage doors on the front. The garage doors were white and brown. Very simple house with very distinct and obvious garage doors. As if there was nothing else to see or look at. She told me that on the back of the house (which I’m the dream we didn’t see) she had “hundreds of dark/black windows”. She explained as if she was looking forward to having these windows to look out of. It was on a piece of land. The grass was dead like fall/winter. The other part of the dream implied maybe she would be moving to the city we were in, but she was in town for work.

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      Hi Sangor,

      What is your relationship with this friend? Her choice of a house says alot about her. It looks ok outside but it is cream colored and not white. Therefore, not exactly pure. She is delighted to look out of black windows which means that her view on life is not a good one. She then looks unto a field with dead flowers. Everything around this person is deceptive and dead. If you know this person to be good then God is showing you they are not as they appear. Proceed with caution.

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