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      Hi I would apreciate some help with this dream.
      I was in a hallway of a rented house and noticed a huge brown snake come out of a room. I tried to tread lightly but it sensed my movment and turned toward me. I stood on its head and tail but no matter how hard I tried to crush it its eyes just bulged out of its head but it would not die. I got Someone from my family maybe my husband or daughter to bring a roasting pan so we could contain the snake. I dont know what hapoened to it after that but we put a lot of towels and things that it had touched and had its slime on in a big washing machine. I had a feeling that it had been delt with though.
      The snake looked like a python though was brown rather than bkack.
      We are going through a hard time at the moment and are under a lot of pressure. Is the dream showing me that we need to engage in spiritual warfare?
      Thank you for any insight.

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      Hi Pauline,

      Yes, this is definitely a demonic spirit. Pray this “I cut off the head of the spirit of python and send the fire of the Holy Ghost consume it in Jesus name”

      If you feel lethargic, always sleepy, no desire to read the word or pray this is also a sign this spirit is lurking around.

      Pay attention to how you feel. This thing is a constrictor which tries to suck the life out of you.

      Ask the Lord for angelic assistance to remove it completely from your life.

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