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    Rea R. Soles

    I am a survivor of domestic violence, the Bessemer Alabama police department, Bessemer Alabama judicial system refused to help me and ccovered,up all my evidence because my spouse was a Mason and on city council and have several ties, my kids are being abused I have photos incoming phone recordings and the judge overlooked all of it the attorneys I hired were working against me come to find out they were eastern stars I ask for prayer that truth and justice prevail in everything and God holds judges accountable as well. That everything Bessemer Alabama is doing crooked is brought to the light. My children will be safe as well as me they even ignored my spouse stating to liberty mutual insurance company that I was deceased! I have tried news stations, no help so I’m believing God to intervene now on my behalf in jesus name Amen thank you God bless

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    Lakeysia Brooks

    Prayer Request

    My father died 2 years ago. Other than dialysis, he was fine. He went to dialysis one Friday, and after being dialysized, the dialysis team said that he was too confused to drive. They called an EMS, and they EMSed him to Sinai Grace in Detroit. He wasn’t there long, and wandered away. He was missing for 6 days. Once he was found, he was covered in feces, had suffered several strokes, and was 50 less weight. Please agree that I can find out who found him, and that Sinai be held responsible for his death. He should have been watched closely and never allowed to walk away. I would like justice to be served for my dad’s death.

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    Hi Lakeysia and Rea,

    The first thing I would ask you to do is pray for these people. You need to walk in forgiveness. I know this is hard to do but you must ask God for the grace to forgive. It is only then you will find He will step in with justice. Remember when He brings justice it is on the righteous and the wicked so you have to make sure you are in the right place before you start praying these scriptures

    Ecclesiastes 3:17
    Hebrews 10:30
    Job 12:22

    Here are some prayers for you to pray over yourself first before you pray the ones above



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