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      Today l want to testify and say thank you Yahweh for the job offer l got in December and l started last week on the 3rd. I have been searching for 4 full years for a job that l studied for in University, but somehow l was just not getting anything. And a lot of people kept telling l made a mistake in studying my degree because you never get a job with it. As the years passed by, l even second guessed myself. However,in December 2021, l just felt in my heart that l should start applying again. As l was looking through jobs l saw this particular job in which l ticked all the requirements. I even shouted with joy and said thank you Jesus l have finally found my job. I applied and that night l prayed and said God, this job is mine, please let the hiring manager invite me for an interview. The following day l got an email saying that l was the perfect match for the job and l should schedule an interview. After 3 days l had an interview and l won’t even say it was an interview. The hiring manager was already impressed by my qualifications and they were more worried that l might not like the job. After 2 days I got an email saying saying my offer is awaiting approval from the big bosses and a higher salary is being negotiated. I just started praying in tongues and thanking God for the offer. And the following day l got the job. This is a miracle for me and l got this job at a point where l had given up, but as l reflect today l hold Job 42:1-2 that says Job answered God: I’m convinced: You can do anything and everything. Nothing and no one can upset your plans(MSG). Yahweh has a plan for me and it is a plan see me prosper and not to harm me. I just want to encourage someone out there that don’t give up, Yahweh will do it for you, even if people say you won’t. And l just want to say hold on pray always, repent, forgive others, praise, worship and thank God always.


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      This is a beautiful testimony! Thank you so very much for sharing your testimony of never giving up but listening to the Lord to get your Kairos timing on the job.

      May He bless you and increase you with promotions at your job.


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      Amen indeed

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