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      Lea Ann

      I was taking a nap after work and I was dreaming that I was praying in tongues and I was walking through a building that had lots of ornate carved wood on the walls. Two huge carved wood doors opened to the left of me and I walked in a very large dark room only lit by candles. There was a rectangular table and chairs several men were standing around the table and they were wearing different gown type clothing, one had on a red gown and was wearing a turban, smiled at me and they all gathered around me and was grabbing me like they were pushing me down. Then my kids woke me up and I had a weird feeling for hours after that. I don’t know if it means anything but it was very weird.

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      Hi Lea Ann, it is always important to pay attention to your spirit and emotional state to get an accurate dream interpretation. The fact that the room was dark is an area where you don’t have clarity. The table is a place of communion and then this person dressed in red (could be the blood of Jesus but in this case it is evil) and the turban which points to false religion.

      It appears that there will be a situation where something may be forced upon you. New doctrine or something that others are going to invite you to partake in and you will be able to discern that it makes you uncomfortable.

      Follow your spirit. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t partake.

      Hope this helps.

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