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      good day ,
      Im a single mother going thru a difficult time in my life im financially down to a state that paying my kids fees its a struggle lately i have praying to God to assist me in every way he can because i cant go on this way the other night i had a dream in dirty water scared that there mighty be snakes in the water but i managed to leave the water safe and as i left the water i left the area where i was ,as i was leaving i met a lady who i ddnt know but she greeted me and asked me about the service that we had that day at church and as i answered she told me that at least you are spiritual you are able to see things ,i stood there amazed that how did she know that since i didnt know her i tried to ask her but she kept walking ignoring me,i kept walking as i was walking i came to a path that was dark i walked in that path very scared but i eventually saw some light infront of me and i woke up.
      Yesterday i also had a dream where in the dream there was some strong wind blowing me so hard but i kept walking kind of fighting the direction of the wind but on the other hand i saw my friends from work but in the dream i felt like i was the only one who felt those strong winds,please help and tell me what to pray for because my life is a mess as i speak.
      Thank you

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      Hi Bridget both of these dreams are connected. If you are swimming in dirty water it means that your environment is unclean. In the spirit realm they know that you know better. This woman in your dream was able to identify that you are of God. Her job was to lead you into the darkness. They want you to follow the way of darkness.

      This is the same as the dream with the strong winds that are blowing you. These winds are trying to get you off the path of walking with God. You know that it is wrong so you are fighting against it. Your work friends are quite fine walking in the path of darkness and evil therefore they are used to these winds.

      The bottom line is you have friends – work or personal and maybe also family members that are walking in a way that is not of God. They are trying to get you to go along with it. The Lord is telling you to get out of that environment.

      God Bless You

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