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      Brandon J Edmonds

      So here I am and please understand I’m extremely new when it comes to following God or any of his teachings so please bare with me.
      Since the year 2011 my life has been turned upside down. I started having a voice, well a voice that sounded like several voices at once in my head that later turned to one solid voice and I’ve come to the realization just here recently who it truly is speaking to me.
      Now understand I don’t claim to be no prophet or what not but I have followed signs of pictures numbers animals etc and keep hearing what I believe to be god saying he’s taking me back to where it first began. I’ve been told that it was Eden by the voice but then again I’ve also noticed that all these signs I’ve followed also were not all meant for me either. There’s much more to what’s been happening and I’ve even been able to tell fellow friends of things about their life I should not even know so please prayer first of all and second of there is some one who could assist me with this please let me know.

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