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      The Lord has done numerous things for me, what i am about to share was prompted by the prophetic word titled “they can’t take your crown”. I was orphaned at a young age, my dad died when i was a little boy and some years later my mum also died, i was in Primary school when she died, when my mum died i felt lost and empty because she was an important person to me, i stopped caring about life and at one point i just wanted to die, i had so much grief in me and i always felt empty, in my final year in high school i was exposed to church, it’s through church programs that i met an elderly woman who was an apostle, whenever i was in the presence of this woman a warm cover would come upon on me and i would hear a whisper within me saying everything is going to be okay, at this time i had not yet learnt about the Holy Spirit, whenever i would be around this woman i would feel comforted,i would feel something like a parental warmth, she later became my mentor, one time when i was at home in the kitchen preparing something to eat i heard the same whisper from within and this time HE said more than just everything is okay, the Lord made HIMSELF known to me, HE said to me, “the comfort that you feel when you are around that elderly woman has nothing to do with her, it’s all to do with the one that dwells in her, HE said to me that when I created mankind i made a provision for MYSELF in them, and when they sinned against ME I was separated from them, so MY place in them became vacant, for many years now mankind has been trying to feel that void with so many things but to no avail because that space was made for ME and there’s nothing bigger than ME, HE said to me that the emptiness that you felt only I can fill it”, so from that day onwards i began to experience the the peace of the Lord, and because that peace was pleasant i began to seek the Lord, HIS presence became real to me and i became aware of the Holy Spirit. So i may have lost a mother but i gained a FATHER that not even death can ever take away from me. Thank you

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      So very very beautiful. Just so that you know when you study the Holy Spirit in the original language there are instances when Holy Spirit is referred to as “she”. In dream language, sometimes when you dream of your mother it is often the Holy Spirit. So there is a feminine aspect there and that is why He is gentle as a dove and feels warm. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings

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