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      Vivian Barnes

      Hello MOP:

      I just had to share a testimony with you and how God reversed a bad situation for me. So, I had to go out and buy a car since the one I had was starting to have transmission problems. I went out to the dealership unprepared (didn’t do my research on starting prices, etc.) and I went alone since I am a single-mother and my extended family situation is not good – I have perceived finally that since they don’t have a relationship with the Lord it is basically light and darkness or spiritual persecution through them from the enemy. So, I went to the dealership and the car I was shown was a 2014 Toyota Camry, but the salesman showed me one that had just come into the dealership. It was dirty, but he guaranteed that after the detailing, the interior of the car would be like brand new. I believed him. Then he showed me the CarFax for the car and I liked that the car had only had one owner and that she had serviced the car like it was supposed to be serviced and the car had low miles. Well, then came financing and this is where the first trouble showed up. To keep it short – they financed the car for a price I did not agree upon and they didn’t give me the promised $1000.00 for my trade-in. They wouldn’t make it right stating that they couldn’t change the contract. Well, in the meantime, my son is drove the car at night and announces to me that there are roaches in the car! I go straight to the General Manager and tell him how they were getting over on me right from the beginning with the financing and now that there are also roaches in the car! He promised that things are going to be made right. So, they keep the car for nearly three days to fumigate it and detail it and when I get the car back – guess what – there are still roaches in it. Now, being a single-mother, I am used to making the best of any situation, so I bought roach bait for the car and was going to have the dealer pay me back for selecting my own detailer that would clean the car by steam cleaning the upholstery. The salesman told me to give him the receipt after I had it done and he would take care of it. Well, while I am putting the roach bait in the car (and seeing more roaches), my neighbor across the street comes over and asks what I am doing. She had already advised me to return the car when she only knew about my issue with the financing. I was embarrassed to tell her about the roaches before, but I admitted to her that I was placing bait in the car because it had roaches. Well, the Lord used her to get me to go back to the dealer and return the car. She said I had been mistreated from the very beginning and now I am having to ride in a car that has been fumigated and still has roaches – it is not healthy for me or anyone else riding in the car. So, the Lord gave me the nerve to go back to the dealer to return the car. The General Manager I had already spoken to was on vacation and I thought, Oh no, here is a snag. But, the Lord used another manager to quickly get me out of the car without any push back at all – he just said he would make it right by me and gave the authorization to have my down payment returned, as well as paying me back for the price of my trade in which they got at auction. I have to Praise the Lord for reversing this for me!!!! So, I had to share this and give God the glory!!!

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      Wow! Praise the Lord! I’m so happy that He brought your neighbor to speak to you about this. Are you still without a car? Would love to be praying for you to get one. Blessings

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