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      I had this dream where by there was a group of ladies seated and we all knew that we were waiting to be given keys to a house. There was this important lady who stood in front of all of us and she called the first lady gave her a key then a second lady and I heard myself saying oh God I have waited for so long let this third and final key be mine , please God and the lady announced this is the last key so if your name is called please step forward if not you will have to wait for next time. Then she said, congratulations to this final lady she has been patient and the key belong to…then she called my name. I remember being soo happy and filled with so much joy with tears in my eyes I had been praying for the house for so long I remembered having said. Suddenly the scene changed and I found myself standing infront of my new house, it was beautiful it was a three storey tall builing, it was white and I was standing outside the gate. I opened the gate and walked in and the grass was so green and new and all the flowers there were beautiful and all of gold colour, I moved to touch them and noticed they surrounded the building. As I followed the flowers I discovered that at the back of my house there was a four storey tall building it was white with many windows, the windows had a thin outline of black around every window and standing in front of each window were women just staring infront and they all looked sad, some had tears in their eyes, some looked worried and some were just so sad and I could feel their pain. I stood outside wondering what I was looking at. I then moved all around wonderinf where the entrance to this womens house was but there was no door. I then took my key walked into my house and it was really big then I noticed a door to the side and it was locked and inside me I knew that this same key would open that door. So I moved to open it and there were stairs and as I wondered where they led it made sense to me that they were stairs leading to the womens rooms.
      Then I woke up. Please help em understand this dream.

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      The key is what is necessary to get whatever you or others have been praying for. God can give strategies on how to get what we need. After waiting, praying and fasting and remaining faithful to him we eventually get what it is that we are asking for. The women got what they prayed for but it was not what they expected. Sometimes we can be insistent to ask for things that are not good for us. God will grant them but when we finally get it we are not happy (this is what happened to the other ladies). You on the other hand, received a good thing. Your house is beautiful and you are happy. The house can be what it is you are waiting on the Lord for. Once you get what you’ve been waiting on he is telling you that what you did to get it (the key) is the same strategy you will use to unlock everything that is related to this. As you move higher in the Lord (the stairs) you will need to move into repentance (the bathroom). This is the place you go to relieve yourself. Stay in a place of repentance so you can unlock more of that beautiful house that He is giving you.

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      Tony Bourke

      Had this dream I was working in a hotel and at the very start my mum walked thru my room I saw nice cakes beside my wall then people where taking the cake I said oh I will get spoons now I’m in a kitchen hotel and I open the press and when I do that the press is full of sugar and plastic spoons 98%plastic spoons then few real spoons I walk out of the hotel see a man I know in the natural I say to him as he is finishing his dessert here is plates here I’ll get one if he wants the plates where laced with sugar and cream one more part to the dream I saw a girl that was in the hotel working there dressed very inappropiately then I woke

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