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      This dream is in 3 stages …

      1st stage – Started with me fighting with my fists … this fighting was not out of anger or rage … this was fighting for my life and the group I was in.

      2nd stage – I then find myself kneeling next to a car, facing a house … I had my arms lifted up in praise and was praying. There were lions walking around. I relaised the lions could not see me – I was invisible to them. I stood up and walked to the front door of this house. I opened the security door and went inside. Only once I was behind the security door, they could see me and jumped to devour me, but I was save inside the house and they could do nothing to me. During this, I did not feel scared, but at peace and secure.

      3rd stage – I was driving a car on a dusty road and others in the care (front and back). I never saw the people in the back. I stopped for the person in the front to get out and do something. I was secretly timing this person to teach them. As this person got out (my dad), I set my watch to 30 seconds (that was the time limit). He did not make it in that time limit and as he got to the drivers door (where I was sitting) the lions came to pounce on him. I opened the door of the car and shot the lions in the head with a gun I had in my hands and I said: “you failed”. I heard a woman’s voice from the back saying: “I see you are a Time-Keeper”.

      I started waking up after this and a man’s voice entered my mind, asking: “What are you?” At 1st I had to remember what the woman said and as I recalled, I said: “I am a Time-Keeper”.

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      Hi Louise, you are a warrior in the spirit and an intercessor. First you have been given different weapons to use when you are fighting with the enemy – your fist, praise, a gun.

      You will go through a period of time when you will need to stay in constant praise to keep yourself hidden from the enemy. Pray that God will show you exactly when that is. Once you move from that season to the next you will be seen but you are safe within the walls so the enemy won’t be able to get you.

      In the car you are the one protecting these people through your prayers. God has given you the Issachar anointing (1 Chronicles 12:32) which is the one to determine the time and season for each person that you are protecting. This anointing will give you the ability to discern the appointed time for people to move out of things are into things.

      Pray God will continue to sharpen you in the spirit to pray, praise, worship & warn and use the anointing for His glory.

      You have a very powerful gift combination – you are an intercessor, a prophet, a worship warrior and you have an Issachar anointing.

      God Bless you!

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