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      Please pray for me. I’m divorced for 10 years, and my life has been standing still all this time. Its going round in circles and there are evil spirits in my house that I just don’t know how to get rid of them. I rebuke them, and tell them to leave, but they go and are back again the following evening. I cant see them, but I can feel them.
      I cannot remember scripture, its asiff my brain is in a cloud. I know that God has thus awesome plan for me, but I just cannot seem to break free from this prison that I’m in. I don’t understand why someone would go to such extremes.
      I know that whomever wants my life taken away from me, but I know that only God has that right over my live, so they don’t get it right, but they have tried as I was in 2 major accidents within 6 months, but God was mercifull and He still is.
      I just need you to please intercede fir me on my behalf.
      Thank you

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      We will pray for you. There are things that you can do as well to aid in the process.

      There are a few prayers and steps that if you take these I am sure you will get the freedom you are looking for.

      First, you need to break soul ties with your ex husband all and people in your past. Read this…

      Then you need to go through removing the curses from your life and you can start this process here…

      Then you need to remove the familiar spirits around you…

      If you do all of these and pray the prayers you should see a huge difference in your life. God bless you! Please come back and share testimonies with us.

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      Thank you. I will. May the hand of God be with you always.

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