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      May our prayer sound danger, hope, amazement, suffering and joy. We have not yet met the entry requirements to get into our chosen courses. “We are terrified students, who fear for our lives on a boat in a windstorm on the Sea of Galilee until Yeshua tells the winds to fall”. May you please pray that we have the flexibility and professional development to help us prepare for a constantly changing local and global business workforce. May we overcome our personal difficulties through Jesus pathways. We didn’t reach the goal of studying at university and our study scores were lower than expected. Our final year of secondary school was also particularly challenging. Please pray, that we may gain a better sense of what course or career we’d like to pursue next, and develop confidence in that ability to continue tertiary education. No other authority other than Jesus appeals to us. Amen.

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      Praying for you M that God will direct your path.

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