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      I dreamed I was in Paris and and earthquake happened and all the surrounding buildings came crashing down all around. Everyone was panicking. The person I was with [unknown but felt I trusted] said we needed to get on this double decker bus, I said it was dangerous because of the earthquake. He said it was safe and we went upstairs. Everything was mayhem – except the bus! [I am saved so it is not warning me I need Jesus]. Next day I dreamed of a balloon bursting and the sound of it actually woke me up.

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      Wow! Diane?? Just wow! What would you say if I told you I had the same dream about 3 months ago. Well, very similar. The countries were Paris, Rome & London (where they have double decker buses).

      This is about the world and not personal. You need to be praying for the world and what is happening now.

      Here’s how I pray:

      -Salvation through Jesus Christ.
      -That God would send His angels of war to fight demonic forces that would influence evil
      -Guidance for world leaders. That God would bring them godly counsel and friends that are Christians
      -I pray for wisdom for world leaders
      -That God would visit the world leaders in dreams and give them council and strategies on how to govern.
      -God would remove any evil cabinet members, evil voices that speak into the ears of world leaders
      -Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

      Will you join us in praying this way for the world? God is definitely guiding your dreams and showing you what is going on.

      God bless you

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      Hi Mop,

      Thanks for your reply. I can relate to that call! We have just stepped out in our own ministry about a year ago and secured our own premises which we have opened an honesty cafe in as an outreach to the community. Recently God has been speaking to me about ‘taking the land’ and I have been connected to a lady who has a worldwide vision of taking cities for God – so yes I will absolutely join you in praying for world leaders.

      God Bless You


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