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      DREAMS:I had a handful of dreams the last nights of the fast this year but didnt get it sent in time to be interpreted during the fast. I’m hoping someone can help piece together the threads of each and help me interpret them. I know that they can read/interpret like chapters in a book so I’ve included them together here, thinking they likely have similar theme and pieces of the overall picture.

      Dream 1.
      I was swimming underwater in the ocean off the coast of Hawaii, but still close to shore. I paused, listening to the whale song I could hear, a big smile on my face. I was in awe. I could sense Holy Spirit in the song and in his creation. I was full of joy, awe, and sensed God’s kairos timing of things, especially in the NOW, in the moment.

      Dream 2.
      The details I remember: I was preparing for sun exposure and at Whole Foods gathering supplies, looking for specific items. WF had a pamphlet and tea bags that came with the sun exposure protection supplies I was getting.

      Dream 3.
      I was pressing the back of a spoon onto something, creating a design. It was glowing with light and I was adding more new light as I continued to create. It wasn’t normal or usual for someone to use a spoon for what I was doing but it was exactly what I needed to complete what I was looking to create.

      Dream 4.  
      In the dream, I was laying my hands on people and bringing healing in all realms, including instantaneous transformations (soul, spirit, body, mind), missing limbs grown, bring the dead back to life, traumas fully healed in moments, and cancers dissolving. My hands glowed and looked translucent in areas (of my hand) at different points in the dream.

      The song phrase in the back of the dream was, “Don’t you tell me he can’t do it” from Too Good To Not Believe by Brandon Lake which includes song testimonies of healings and is all about miracles God has done and is continuing to do.

      Sooo many songs about miracles keep coming up “randomly” into my mind or I hear it during the day sometime. I have been travailing in this manner, seeking healing, miracles, signs, wonders, and more bold manifestations of Gods goodness and love in the physical realm around us — especially in my bloodline, my church (currently undergoing a tight-fisted leadership change — this is where the religious spirit is that I dreamt about earlier this week) and sooo many other people and areas where disease, infirmity, heartbreak, trauma, etc is rampantly on the attack.

      Dream 5.
      I was getting regular 1:1 soccer training/coaching and then my instructor and I would go to the team training afterwards each time. My training started at a restaurant and then turned into a field. I was not aware of anyone else getting 1:1 instruction like I was. Somehow it was because I was (surprisingly, in my dream, opinion) chosen for it but I don’t know why, how, or when that happened. Regardless, I was incredibly thankful for it and ate it up every time. I worked hard and listened closely. I wanted to get it right and excel at everything I was learning. One of the exercises was walking back and forth through this long rubbery neon chartreuse rectangle to practice precision, accuracy, agility, and speed. It was the same material as exercise bands but thicker and rounded and in rectangular frame.  
      Afterwards we walked a long way up hills and through town, etc and went to team training. While we were passing through an area of town 2 girls at a smoothie or coffee shop sneered at me telling me I needed to loose weight by eating less breakfast.
      I was skating boarding through town on black high heels and was successfully zooming down the hill and up the next, not sure if I was going to be able to but wanted to at least try. After realizing I could do it and did it quite well, I realized that this was brand new — no one else was/had been able to do this.
      At some point during team training, perhaps for awhile even, I was carrying in my arm my waking life neighbour David who is 10 yrs old. It was easy to do and it actually didn’t feel any heavier without him, just had to maneuver limbs a little every now and then lol. I was carrying him while running around doing drills!

      I’m not sure why soccer is being used but I do love playing sports and though I enjoy soccer and even played for a year in high school I’ve never felt like I’ve excelled at it so this dream feels like it’s about getting Holy Spirit 1:1 attention & Training (YIppeeee!!!) in learning how to thrive and excel in areas or in a certain trajectory/environment (I.e. soccer is to sport as ______(?) is to ministry, business, or employment). Ugh, I wish I could more clearly discern WHICH trajectory/business focus soccer represents lol!

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      Hello Kai,
      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      These are positive dreams. I feel like providing only the following comments below as I think that you got the essence of the Dreams 1 through 2. I think Dream #3 has to do with innovation. Be persistent despite nay sayers or your own self-doubts.
      Yes, you are in one-on-one (restaurant) training with the Holy Spirit and once that it is done you will go into the field (world/ministry etc.).
      I believe that soccer in your dream represents team work and not the specific sport.

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