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      Gayle Allen


      My dream consist of my looking out of my front window and this huge tree with wide branches that covered the entire window was being cut down. The city truck was cutting the tree away from the window. It was like in one sweep the machine pulled all the branches leaves everything that as initially blocking my view out of the way. Afterwards I could see crystal clear to the final branch left at the very top of the tree a bird and 2 baby chicks remained in the nest. I could see them clearly from my window. It was like I could see nothing but blue sky it was glowing. No obstacles in the way.

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      Hi Gayle,

      Looking through the window is that you have a prophetic anointing to receive insight and revelation from The Lord. The tree is you and as the tree is huge and wide says that you have strong foundations in the Lord and the branches are some areas of your life that needed to be cut off (dealt with) so that you can see more clearly what God needs you to see. I hope this helps. Bless you

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