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      Cassandra Navarre

      In my dream I was camping with some people, and we heard the sound of a trumpet. It seemed like it was getting closer and closer. The environment we were in, it was woodsy with a small patch of flat land. Inside the area we were in, it was calm as can be,and perfect camping weather, but we could hear the trees moving up top, so it sounded like a storm was brewing. But I looked out of the tree line, and there was a blizzard, everywhere except the area we were in. But as the trumpet sound grew near, I looked out past the woods, and I saw it. This beautiful bright golden trumpet, and it was coming towards me. It flew over my head and landed in some brush. I touched it, and as I touched it, I heard it say, “the one who touches me will see my prophecy.” As I looked at it, I saw an engraving on it, but when I read it, it reminded me of some kind of riddle. But when I asked someone if they understood it, they said that they could not see what I was talking about. I remember that it said something about touching the bright light. Then I woke up.

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      God (the trumpet) is warning you that there is a storm coming (turmoil in your personal life, business, school, church, your country) but you will be protected if you stay where you are. If I were you I would read every scripture that has to do about light until you see the one that is specifically speaking to you. Remember that Jesus often spoke in parables (the riddle) so only when you see the scripture will you know which one was written on the trumpet. Here is a list and God Bless you https://www.openbible.info/topics/light

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