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      I had a dream that my dad and I were sitting in what looked like someone’s backyard. There were seats and a tent. There was a goat that was tied to a tree and had markings with red powder on it. There was a man who was humming something but in a different language. Then he began to slaughter the goat( It was brown in color) . There was a lady dressed in a yellow tradional indian dress that came to sit next to my father( I couldn’t see her face). When she sat down, my father got up and walked away from her. I then woke up

      Just as a side mention.. I’m currently on my 5th day of a Daniel fast that I’m doing

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      Hello Aaron ,
      Pls pray about this as well and let The Holy Spirit be the One to confirm with you , God bless

      Upon reading this was the understanding

      God is showing you what is being done, or what is truly happening with some of the so called believers who thought that they are believers but are not in a church or congregation or group that you might be in?

      Dad and i , its God and you , sitting having fellowship, someone’s backyard its like the real thing or what is really happening without no audience no one knows

      Goat not sheeps so so called belivers who thought they are followers of Jesus ,tied to a tree , trees represent leaders so that goat is like tied or like a follower or binded ungodly soul tie ,under the influence , red powder not blood , fake ,false teachings,not true salvation , wrong doctine ,
      Brown in color is human nature not renewed ,human effort human response
      Yellow indian traiditonal dress
      Yellow fear ,.so it can be because of fear traditionally those goats follow that leader sinceits like its being done that way ,.but yiur Father left when the lady sat beside her then you woke up

      Pls pray about this
      Tell Him to speak about what kind of real relationship the Father wants and salvation is only by grace through faith in Jesus alone and to follow Him only
      God bless

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      A woman also represents a church or religion. Perhaps the traditional dress is signifying the traditions of the church… following after traditions of men and not of christ col 2:8

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