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      I’m a missionary on the field and had a dream of one of my teammates. She was laying next to me and all of a sudden I realized she was completely naked. I was so angry at her for laying next to me naked. I yelled at her asking why she would do that to me? I felt really disgusted with her in the dream and I went and told my mom how horrible it was. Then I woke up.

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      Hello Becky,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share back to the Holy Spirit for He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Your teammate is being “intimate” (sharing her all, heart) with you, that is, either in a vulnerable and/or transparent fashion or she will be in the future. Pray for wisdom as to how to support her in whatever it is she might confide in you or might experience.

      I doubt this dream is literal and you have nothing to fear from a safety perspective, unless you have a reason not shared here.I believe the first interpretation is accurate and your mother in the dream is the Holy Spirit. No need to feel disgusted in waking life, lol!


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      Thank you 🙏🏻

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      Sharon Son

      Hi Becky

      To be naked could also denote “laying in same bed”, or being affected by same circumstances but without being ready/clothed for it. Laying means rest – you are doing it too, so perhaps you could be in a waiting season for a particular breakthrough in the field (missionary work? but your colleague is not quite doing it right. Either way, being naked means you are not clothed in what you need; either for work or rest.
      What I would do here is approach Father in prayer and then have a chat with my team mate and Holy Spirit would reveal just what is at the root of her not having what she needs, so she doesn’t go without; and remembering what happens to her affects you as the whole team.

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      Thanks… I’m going to chat with her soon. I am having a hard time because it’s been really hard on the field and I don’t feel like I have the energy to help her which is why I think in the dream I was annoyed/angry when I saw she was angry. But I want to honor God and his prompting from
      this dream.

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      I meant to say I was annoyed/angry when I saw she was naked.

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