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      I had a kind of nightmare dream that I was in a hotel (part of a grocery store chain) in Midtown Manhattan on a very high floor, eye level with the Empire State Building. I was listening to a phone message from the print shop in the store about my order: the 5 sheets of 5 fliers per sheet showing $5 discount coupons off membership in a club. He said they would be ready on Wednesday. He offered to set me up with a payment system to receive the monthly dues. I almost replied yes, but then hesitated and decided to wait.

      Outside, I saw they had put a giant grocery bag advertising the grocery store over the top of the Empire State Building. I had a fear of heights moment imagining how they did it.

      I went into the bathroom and it was disgusting in there, and in the trash was water and chicken meat floating in it (also a half eaten drumstick in the living room) and a bird of prey eating the chicken meat.

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      P.S. I apologize for posting a bad dream, but because the last prophetic word was about 5x5x5 I thought I should pay attention to this,

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      Hello AJ,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      You are in the midst of a temporary, luxurious company and/or group of people (could be ministry or business) that might be either high class or deemed so from a social perspective. Be careful where/how you are preparing yourself here as it is nothing but carrion. Much grace will be required on your part to be extended to this group(s). It will be a temporary engagement on your part.


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      F.E., I thank you for this. As soon as I read your words, “nothing but carrion”, I heard the words of Jesus, “Where the vultures gather…” This is about the judgement. I note the time is 5:55: as I write this!

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