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      Hello, I had a dream a week ago, after an individual I loved returned into my life. In the dream, as I am entering into it I am made aware that he has reunited us not just in relationship but we are now living together. Our bedroom is filled with this bright morning light and we are in bed under a white cover. I see myself lying on my belly, propped up on my elbows. He has given me a new cellphone to match his and then tapped our phones together for them to sync up. I recalled that my daughter needed her military id renewed and stated that I needed to be sure to take care of it. The dream shifts, I am riding as a front seat passenger next to this gentleman; we are out running errands, when I see my best friend who owns a daycare center, out with her children from the daycare and I see my daughter is with them. We wave to each other as I slowly pass. The dream shifts again after a young toddler breaks free from the kids and tries to run towards the car. I pull out my phone to see that I had a missed call from a John Abbott. (I do not know a John Abbott in my waking life), but in the dream I’m aware that he is from the military id place; I look and see that it is exactly 5:43 and too late to call back because the office closed at 5pm. (this is the 2nd dream I’ve dreamed about the time. The first I was late for an award ceremony that started at 5pm, but when I found my dress it was 5:10 and I knew I wouldn’t be ready until 5:30)…now here I am again with 5pm and 5:43. Some insight would be wonderful. I am a constant dreamer, but this one truly has me stumped.

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      Hi Sheree,

      You have a prophetic gifting and specifically as a Seer. God will reveal many things to you through your dreams so you need to pay attention to all your dreams.

      I want to start with the times at the end of the dream. The first thing is that you are late which means you are missing some things. You need to get into prayer and not leave this place until God reveals to you clearly what you are missing. When I see the times I think of the scriptures. Start searching the scriptures. The only one I found with 5:43 is Matthew 5:43-48. Is this something that God has asked you to do? Do a search in the bible and look for every scripture that has 5:10 and 5:30. As you read through them one will tell you exactly what you need to know.

      The number 5 is the number of grace and I believe the Lord is telling you that He has given you grace to do something but time is ticking along and you are not doing it and His grace for this will come to an end. You need to get going with this.

      The man in the bed I see as the Lord and not the person that you think it is. God wants to reconnect with you.

      The cellphone is the means of communication. He is getting ready to open a new way of communication with you. Through this mode you will be able to communicate with Him clearly because the two of you will be in sync.

      Your position in the bed is one of adoration of a child to superior.

      Your daughter I see as you. God is getting ready to commission you into a season of warfare but your ID has expired. Meaning that the way you will fight this new war will be different. Your old strategies will no longer work. Again, with the new phone, being in sync with Him you will have the new strategies from Him

      Again, the gentleman in the car is God. You are in the passenger seat and this is a good sign. Your daughter in the daycare is you being in school. You are in school for warfare.

      John Abbott wrote Abbott’s Illustrated New Testament it is a commentary. I don’t know if that is what God is asking you to read but that is the only connection I can make with that name.

      I hope all of this helps you.

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      You had a John in your dream and 5:43
      There is a John 5:43, “I [Jesus] have come in my Father’s name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him.”
      The spcripture itself is about looking to God/Jesus first as opposed to others. It is a rebuke to those following a religious spirit instead of seeking God. Not knowing all about God and the law, but intimately knowing God himself.
      Phones can represent a direct connection with God and white can represent purity and peace.
      A significant other can represent Jesus. He is the true lover of our souls. He is the bridegroom and we the bride.
      I think God is calling you into deeper Tim act and connection with him and I think the dream is a warning to seek and know him and not get caught up in religion. Get to a place of deeper intimacy with Jesus and have him on the throne of your heart.

      As for if this human man that just walked back into your perhaps it is revealing a connection. Dreams can have a practical and a conceptual meaning at the same time. But I would caution that God would never go against His own Word. So unless you are equally yoked and there is a “ring on your finger” there should not be any time in bed. (Although in dreams I find beds represent where we chose to lay (I.e. Where our thoughts rest) or even at times as covenant.

      Lastly, toddlers and children can represent the spiritually young. And I believe that in the dream a toddler (young in faith) broke away and ran towards danger…which really makes me think the John 5:43 is key.

      Pray into it. Ask God to confirm what he was showing you. Seek and press into him for answers.

      Blessings Sister.

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      Sorry should say “intimacy”, and not “Tim act”

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