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      Pauline O’Brien

      I saw lava bubbling up out of ground.
      Next scene i was in a submarine with perry stone. A prophetic minister of the word.
      He was drawing a picture on inner shell ofsubmarine of a volcano
      A big whale swam up to porthole window and lookec inside at me.

      Does this mean God was telling me i needed to go deeper in the SPIRIT to be able to deal with the challenges i wax about to face ?

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      God is confirming your gifts in prophecy. The submarine being a vessel which revealed upcoming events is a private, intimate space. Keep pressing in as the Lord has His eye on you. As your faith (sub) goes deeper, He will reveal more. Regarding the volcano erruptions, it seems a sign of future events. Also, be careful not to look to “other” prophets (Stone), but lean on the Lord- as you seek Him, He will reveal to you directly.

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      Amen. Like your interpretation Dana right on.

      Pauline, I think you also need to be mindful of the whale. The most popular whale in the bible is the one with Jonah. Make sure when God reveals your calling, assignment or purpose to you not to run away. The whale has his eye on you.

      You have a prophetic calling on your life.

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      Thanj you for your insight regarding my dream.
      Very helpful.
      And I will take on biard your advice.


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      My apologies re typing errors. Not a good look!

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