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      I had a dream that I was with my senior pastor and a assistant pastor and other members of the church and we were getting ready to enter a warehouse. I decided to go ahead of them into the warehouse as I got into the first room I had to fight a ninja warrior with karate, kicking and using hand movements. I defeated him and got into another room. Within that room I was attacked by these flying circular knives that were trying to cut my head off. I had to learn how to duck and move my head swiftly so that these knives would not cut my head off but instead get stuck into the wall. I then moved into another room where I was attacked again by vicious dogs so I had to learn how to run our run the dogs and up the side of the walls to escape the dogs. I then moved into another room where I was met with another type of enemy which I had to defeat in a totally different way. Then I was able to get outside the warehouse in the back. I quickly ran to the front of the warehouse to warn the others. As I was running to the front it was as if I was able to get a view from the top of the warehouse where i was able to see that it was set up like a labyrinth and it was a obstacle course of enemies. I knew as I was heading to warn the others in the front that not all are going to make it through the warehouse some of them would die there because they won’t know how to fight through each one.

      I passed the information on to the pastor and some of the people with us had already begun to enter into the front door.

      What does all of this mean?

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      This dream clearly seems to be a spiritual warfare dream. It is probably highlighting you to give insight into the spiritual realms in the way that the enemy may be trying to attack your church. And in this dream you were given different ways to not only identify, but also how to combat the enemy’s different strategies. Perhaps you were given this dream so that you could help your Pastor in identifying the different strategies that the enemy may be planning, so that you and others could be praying against these strategies through intercessory prayer. If you haven’t already done so, I would suggest talking to your Pastor about your dream. Perhaps, he may already be aware of some things going on, and your dream could bring some confirmation to things that he has already been seeing. Be blessed!

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      Amen XstreamPrayerLive, very good interpretation! I agree with everything that you have written. I would also add that God is showing that each level of warfare will require a different skill/strategy to overcome it. Be prayerful and seek the Lord before entering the warfare so that you or your church is prepared with the correct strategy or weapon to be used in the warfare.

      God bless you both!

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      I had a dream where elephant escape and started pursuing me. I ran into a l of water and something threw me out to a high fence. the elephant also ran into the pool but couldn’t come out. what does this mean.

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      I had a dream that I was fighting satan to save many people. There were millions of people that needed my help. My sister Linda was there.

      Somehow the world was filled with a red bubbling sticky substance and it took over everything. It was like it consumed everything. My middle sister Linda dove in and started fighting and I waited until it was my time but when I went in I didn’t dive in. I walked in and wasn’t fighting rather I was coming against the enemy in prayer. The red bubbling substance had creatures or things in it that pulled at our legs but I was not moved I just kept praying and coming against them and the red substance started evaporating.

      Then the scene changed and it was like Satan himself was coming for me and I was not moved. I had to feed so many people and the enemy was like, I know you hear me, look at me, he tried to stop me from doing what I needed to do which was feed a multitude of people. I remember breaking up some type of food to feed people but it looked like pieces of scrolls or paper. I kept breaking it up to feed everyone. The enemy disappeared.

      Then the scene changed and it was filled fearful people, (men, women, children) they were terrified and it I was the leader to protect them and empower them. They were around me and I was in the middle. I began to give them instructions and told them to repeat after me and they did. I remember saying, I declare and decree that me and my family are covered by the unconquerable blood of Jesus, we are covered mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, academically and socially and I call forth God’s dunamis power upon me to come against the wiles of the enemy. Then I came out of my dream.

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