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    For the longest time I know that God has always spoken to me through pregnancy dreams. The one last night was different and I feel like He’s trying to tell me something. For starters I have a hernia in my belly button (some background info).
    So in my dream last night I was pregnant but my belly was very low. Suddenly I coughed and a little bit of my hernia came out (some intestine) and apparently I knew I had a hole in my belly button where it could’ve happened. As my intestine popped out I grabbed it and pushed it back in and told my husband I needed to go to the er so they could fix it. He was distracted with something and I finally told him hurry I need to go! My intestine is popping out! He finally gave me my watch and I was on my way with I think my mom or something. On the way to the hospital I was worried cause my belly was very low. Then I wasn’t sure if I was just gonna get one stitch in the er or if I was gonna need surgery to repair it. (Some more background, I work in surgery).
    I wonder if that hernia and the intestine popping out represents anything. Thank you.

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