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      Dream started out i was outside when i saw some guy out on lawn or by sidewalk, look maybe to be bad guy, i wasnt sure if really bad bad guy, then i saw my husband he saw the supposely bad guy too, I got that he wrestled with him, yet chase the bad guy away i guess thats what it felt like. (Now this is fuzzy part) if this supposedly bad guy was headless or just something about him. My mind kept thinking he had his head decapitated or headless or that he hurt his head or just got hurt but not just the head part hurt in other areas in body too before my husband wrestled him i saw that bad guy was diffferent yet not to be trusted.

      Next in dream i left that scene then i was going into building to go to my room or ie heading to my bathroom, it was like an apartment building yet it was set up differently. Kinda like a dorm, ( i dont know ive never been in a dorm so not sure). next I was looking for my door to go to. I saw what i thought was my bathroom so i went into bathroom to get composure i guess, think things thru, then the bathroom door came open someone was trying to get in to use the bathroom, but saw me in there then closed door it pushed open again, i pushed it shut this time which i thought was locked but it didn’t latch, the door came open again, so i shut it again, it wouldn’t lock, it was a bathroom which lock doesnt lock. Yet when the door was opened i saw several people.

      Now i was thinking why are there several people waiting inline for the bathroom when i thought it was my personal bathroom, while people were waiting to use the bathroom, some just continued waiting inline, so i finally came out of the bathroom a little later then i notice ok let me find my place, so i did around the next corner or next door i see my place i go into, so in dream in reality i realized the bathroom i went into was public one when i thought it was my own home private bathroom in my apartment.
      I think i woke up around 9.40pm to 9.42pm somewhere around there

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      Hello OnAJourney,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      There is an issue that yourself and husband have been wrestling with. This issue has no power over you and you might think that it still does. I’m not sure if you are a Christ follower or not or walk with God but take authority and declare that this ‘issue’ has no hold on you. It is “headless.” Acts 9:40 may be of encouragement to. Please read other Biblical scriptures pertaining to 9:40 or 9:42 and the Holy Spirit will highlight to you what He is saying.

      You are in the process of undergoing spiritual cleansing and renewal and perhaps have been doing this privately. Perhaps, you are been directed to find a safe public group (apartment and public bathroom) to share your struggles and be encouraged in your walk as you go through spiritual cleansing, renewal, and preparation to walk into the plans that God has for you.


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