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      Elah s’maya v’rah and Elah s’maya

      Total deliverance from abuse over our lives in the name of Jesus. Amen

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      Praying for you. Here is a prayer for deliverance that you can pray for yourself as well

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      Please pray for my marriage of 25 years.
      My husband is extremely weak and in need of constant ego boosting from the wrong people.
      This causes tremendous problems in our marriage, as he has developed deep soul ties with a Jezebel type spiritual influence.
      I hAve prayed so hard that he would become a become a man of God so that he may lead our
      Family in an honourable, righteous an
      Please help me to pray that he will see his wrongdoing and treat his good faithful wife with respect and love and give his best fatherly love to his two beautiful
      My heart is so hurt and broken, please assist me as I need positive energy and wisdom from somewhere to assist me in this mammoth task.
      I feel so helpless and alone .
      Please help.

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      Dear Sir

      Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

      I have an urgent Prayer Request

      Personal Information for who the Prayer is Requested

      Name Maria Uzma

      Age 28 Years


      Status : Married ( Separated )

      This girl who has married to a muslim guy has left her , this guy (Ayaz ) married her with the help of a witch craft spell , now as she has returned to her mother , she is still under that bind and she is worrying her mother that she want to go back to that person , but the person doesn’t want her back ,

      She is also influenced of other guy so called azzil according to her mother , I don’t know how true is that ,

      Please pray for this girl Maria that she may be cleared from the witch craft bond and her eyes may open , and she may truly come to her senses ,

      She is so irritating and aggressive as day s are passing buy , she doesn’t want to go to church , she tries to stay away from the places where prayer meeting are going on .

      Please it’s a request from her mother , that she may be released from the bondage .


      Your Brother in Christ


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      Prayers for ya stay encouraged God bless u

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