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      I was accompanied by the first season American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, as we were going to what I believe was business. In the dream I was either an employee or owner of a funeral home and I lived upstairs over the business. (IRL I was a mortician, but never owned my own funeral home). We walked up the stairs headed toward my living space. When we got to the top of the stairs, there was a double-wide black steel casket with a dead man in it who appeared to be about 600 lbs. I was mad because his casket should have been downstairs and not upstairs by my room. I proclaimed to Kelly that I was not going to stay upstairs with that casket outside my door. She and I continued to walk together down the stairs on the opposite side of the building. When we came back upstairs again and walked past the 600 lb. man in the double-wide casket, I stopped and turned around to look at the body, and the man turned his head toward me and started breathing. I was not scared at all. I said to Kelly, “That man is breathing”, but she had her head down in her phone and was not paying attention. I woke up.

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      Hello Deborah,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Reflect on something “dead/dying” that others are pursuing but you are tied to it somehow although you are not in agreement. Ask the Lord how/if you should break ties from it or “speak” life into it. In addition, pray to be a positive influence and take the reigns according to His Perfect Will in ventures/opportunities that you are involved in.


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