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      stephanie descoteaux

      Praise God! He is faithful. Remember that and take heart.
      My daughter was in bondage for 10 years and she was taken out from the enemy’s camp. All my efforts to help were futile. I was heart broken and despondent. My faith would wane but God’s arm is not too short or weak to save. What is impossible for man is possible for God. My daughter was a lost cause. God came through in His own time. Mademoiselle graduated yesterday. She really likes going to meetings (NA,CA) and is selective about her friends. Soon she will start college. God is providing her with excellent people around her. Please all you mamans out there, pray! Put your trainwrecks in God’s hands. Where you fail(ed) he picks up. Remember he loves your kids more and better than you do because he is a perfect father.

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      Praise God Stephanie! So happy to hear that your daughter is free. And whom the Son sets free is free indeed!

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      Thank you for the encouragement, and your open heart to share your story.

      It’s just good to hear God’s faithfulness and the manifestation of it.

      It’s not easy to be a mum, and l’m realizing more and more to just let go, even the “train wrecks” as you say….letting God sort it out as only He can do.
      Blessings to you.

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