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      Yesterday morning (the morning after the ‘LCS Christian Living Working Party’ meeting) I woke up remembering a dream: I was in a Cafe with a companion who I think was a female and we interacted with the waitress several times whilst ordering etc. I was polite and friendly, smiling etc. whilst talking to the waitress just as I always do in real life. The waitress was also very pleasant, professional and hard working, performing her role very well. I noticed however that my companion was very rude/disrespectful and unfriendly to the waitress. This bothered me and made me feel very uncomfortable, even embarrassed to be sitting with them.

      The waitress told us that the Cafe had been renovated and that they had taken the kitchen out and relocated it. I could see the corner where the kitchen had been from our table, and it was stripped bare and in its place were two long, very plain, unnattractive and cheaply upholstered (square looking) vinyl bench seats. They were ‘built in’, meaning their backs were attached to each wall of the corner but there were no tables in front of each of them, so it looked like a lounge, seating or waiting area. It was NOT like a dining area at all because there weren’t any tables to eat at, which is very unusual for a Cafe whose purpose it is to provide a comfortable place to eat.

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