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      I dreamt I was stepping into a kitchen with a former pastor who’s church I was a member.And I could see on the door baked chicken.So we walked in the pastors wife and me.As I was walking in a brown chicken ran up to me like it smelt something ony leg.So I joked and said it must know I am about to eat it’s cousin.As I was headed with herto the oven she said let’s eat.Ajd there was two rows in the oven the first one had three baked chickens the size of a turkey and top shelf had the baked chicken we were going after and behind it were chicken not done yet.I said is there anything to g with it and she pointed and her husband who is also a pastor and his daughter who is also a leader where making mashed potatoes and when we went towards them a chicken was running with it’s head off towards me and then there was further in another chicken with it’s head off but running

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      Hello Maureen,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      It is time for someone/people to dine and indulge after a period of running around like a chicken with its head cut off! (pun and play on words).


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