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      Maria Oramas

      3 weeks ago I received an email that I still had time to sign up for my denominations convention while visiting my daughter in Oklahoma. So, I prayed about it because I really wanted to attend but my finances are tight. So, I check on hotel availability and the price which was reasonable for been the Hyatt in Orlando FL. I prayed for the amount and nothing. So, the Lord put in my heart take just enough clothes to the convention because I was thinking to return home from there if the Lord provided the finances. So, when the Lord gave the go ahead I went to place my reservation by faith and there were no rooms available. So I said well God if this is your will I will call the hotel to see if they have rooms and give me the discounted rate.
      I made the reservation no problem. So I traveled to Texas in my way to Orlando to see my oldest daughter and God bless me with almost 1 hour conversation with my grandson 15 years old and shared with him a scripture God gave me a month before this. Still no enough money for the hotel I continue to ask God did you really want me to go. So, Sunday came around and I ask my oldest daughter to give me a ride to the airport but I wanted to attend her church before the flight. A lady from church started to talk to us before the service and was asking my daughters questions and then she ask me what did I do and I told her that I am an evangelist. So, she said good today we are sending a missions group in prayer and we are going to invite anyone that is sharing the gospel in that capacity to go the front to get prayer. I felt it was a confirmation to just go to Orlando.
      I arrived and I had enough money for 1 night stay. I got to the hotel and my ATM would not work. So, I saw one of the convention volunteer and I asked her if she could join me in prayer because my card wont work and the deposits that I was expecting from my retirement check were not deposited. She told me I will pay for the one night. Praise God. I went to my room and I said God if I dont get the rest of the money by tomorow for my hotel I just fly back to Oklahoma. I felt in my heart to call my sister that I always help to see if she could help me with the rest, it was an act of faith because she never has money to help anyone. And she responded my text with ok. Then I ask can you send it through this app and she said yes. Wow. I was able that next morning to pay the rest. My ATM still blocked no money for food so I said well God I guess you want me to fast. So I went on a fast. While telling the story to a friend in California she sent me money for food. Then another friend at the convention told me the Lord told to bless me. Wow. The Lord did not wanted me spend my money. He provided for everything!

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      That is awesome! I’m thinking of how strong your faith is to make such a bold step and trusting God along the way for everything. Blessings!

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