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      a month ago I came on this site asking for prayer for my father who had 2 surgeries for bleeding in the brain.
      I also asked for prayer for my mum who has several health issues.
      I went home and was with them over the last 3-4 weeks.My sister and I cried and prayed to to Lord for our parents.
      God almighty has been kind and loving. My dad is home and going through rehabilitation. Mum’s health is improving. Long way to go but I thank Lord Jesus for keeping them alive and protecting us from the attack of the enemy which has been many over the last year especially.
      I praise Father God and love Him and put my life into Lord Jesus’s hands, inJesus’s Name.

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      Praise the Lord! Thank you for sharing Sherin. You know much like Jesus healing the 10 blind and only 1 came back to say “thank you” not many people come back to share testimony and we are very happy when people do. We know that God answers prayers!

      Thanks again! God bless and we will continue to pray for your parents.

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