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      Lord bring people to buy the items alejandro wife posted lord for sale there needing to come up with money for food for there kids, diapers, and wipes lord bless them today of people coming to buy the items lord and I lift my alejandro up lord that he will get a pay raises and that his company business will double in products to make so people will stop getting lay off and lord bring a 2nd job to Alejandro lord he been looking for something part time so find a 2nd job that will fall in his lap lord he and his wife are expecting there 5th child in August and really need the extra money to pay off there bills they owe so they can be debt free lord they have many bills they owe lord so they need the extra money bad to pay the bills off and to buy food diapers and wipes fro there children oh lord And alejandro family is bugging him for money lord for the truck money please open there heart and mind and understand that there son is having a hard time to pay the bills due to his company not being busy at work at making parts and there so many lay offs right now with company this why his wife is selling things there kids and them do not use to come up with money to help buy the food diapers and wipes to reduce the stress for him Lord he a great husband working hard for his family we just need a little more money a month to pay our bills and debt his income has drop the last year due to people not ordering as much products lord so lord bless Alejandro today of a 2nd job knocking at there door for him guide him where to go lord they need a 2nd job bring odds jobs his way lord so they can pay off all the bills and even medical bills lord they have over 25,000 in debt due to college loans, medical bills lord and other bills lord Lord bless alejandro and his wife on extra money coming there way to pay off all there medical bills and other bills lord bless them lord in the name of god Bring people to buy the items she post for sale to help on paying for things lord Lord this is a pregrant finding this to sell out of the house to come up with money to buy food, diaper and wipes to help with these bills and to have the money to buy clothes and shoes for there kids lord thank you lord for blessing them lord as we speak of people coming to buy items from them

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      Praying for Alejandro and his family that his business will grow and succeed. Also praying for the successful birth of his new child.

      Here are 2 prayers

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