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      Not sure its a garbage dream or not

      It started out as im in my home, what to appear to be family members, maybe my daughter my son and seems maybe thier cousins, not sure all cause they were outside playing . Except i notice my brother (who i will call ZZ And his son ZZ jr

      There must of been some event outside or may be a holiday as kids were outside enjoying things.

      Now i was thinking do i have cows on the farm. Cause Yet what happened next was a cow came up to me just like a puppy and the cow laid its head on my stomach or in other words it looked me in the eyes like a puppy would to be petted when its in your lap. It was the most adorable thing to happen, it wouldn’t move its head it kept its head there like on my stomach looking at me until i gazed into its eyes and felt that connection. Peace Joy Love

      Now the other part of dream was my brother ZZ was not feeling well and wanted to stay the night and sleep on the couch. And ZZ jr be here too. Of course i said yes even though the couch was my only bed i sleep in so i later on i reclined in the recliner and slept there for the night.

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      Hello OnAJourney,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Here is a rhetorical question for you and please note that I’m not asking for a response. “Who might the cow represent in your life?” It could be someone that could be a source of provision that needs your attention/affection.


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