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      Hello! I have three dreams that need to be interpreted. These occurred back to back in one night so I feel that they are connected as they troubled me. Thanks in advance.

      1) I dreamed that my childhood home was being invaded by 2 men. My family was there running around the house chaotically to get away from them, I told my sister to sneak outside to call the police and my mom to get a gun while I fixed the invaders a sandwich. My mom comes bk with the gun I shoot it at the intruder and the bullet makes a u turn and comes back towards me and my brother, we duck down but the bullet disintegrates before it reaches me. I am wondering what kind of gun is this? My sister is outside trying to start the van but it won’t crank right away. My brother and I escape out of the kitchen window & hop in the van. I get in the drivers seat and my brother gets in the bk, one invader steps in front the vehicle pointing a gun at us
      He starts shooting at us and I run him over with the van. Then all of a sudden I’m bk in the house in my parents room with the 2 invaders and woman who is sitting on the bed with me. She keeps trying to get too close to me and invading my space. My family is no longer in the house and are all gone yet the police never came and I’m wondering where they are and why they left me, and wht the police never came. I sneak into the bathroom and text a male friend for help and asked him to call the police.

      2) I am boarding a school bus to go to toy camp (I have never heard of toy camp prior to this dream) but I am carrying a toy that I perceived was my nephew so I was being extra careful with it. I carried it on the bus as the bus driver instructed us (me and my siblings) not to bring large bags on the bus. The seats in the front were tightly packed together and hurt my knees to sit as I have long legs. A woman instructs me to come to the back along with my brother as the seats were bigger and had more leg room. Upon getting to the back of the bus I see my second nephew (3y/o) with chocolate around his mouth and on his hands, I put the toy on the floor and cleaned him up and sent him to sit by his father. The lady at the back of the bus is being too friendly, getting too close to me and invading my space. The bus pulls off and I awaken.

      3) I am at a church service being held in a gymnasium. I am outside the door of the gym (in the hallway) laying on a stretcher, I am not injured, but I can hear the service. A pastor whom I think is creepy in real life comes to check on me and leers over me. I asked him why was he staring at me & not inside the service? And then he touches my thigh. I push him away he goes bk in the service. A young girl who is standing by & sees says he does this often. She goes to tell the pastor of the service (who is a different person) while I go look for my mother who was not present at the time as was out shopping. Upon her return I tell her what happened so she goes to confront the pastor who invaded my space but my dad (who is also a pastor) overhears the conversation & says he’ll handle it. He jumps over the table and grabs the man by his neck & yells at him. My mom, my dad and me are all yelling at this man while my dad chokes him for what he’s done.

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