Prophetic Word for December 2019 – What do these numbers Mean? Part 1

prophetic word december 2019
image from Bernard Mar & Co

This is the Prophetic Word December 2019.  This is the first of 4 separate prophetic words for the month of December.  God is having me release these one per week for this month.  He wants you to process each one individually.

This first prophetic word is What do these numbers mean?

Did you know that God speaks to us through numbers?  Yes, there’s even a book in the bible called Numbers!  No, it’s not numerology.  And, once you figure out what God is saying to you through the numbers you see you can understand the season that you are in.

Have you been seeing repetitive numbers?  Waking up at exactly the same time on consecutive days?  God is trying to say something to you through that.  Don’t ignore it.

This prophetic word is designed to help you know what the numbers mean so that you can know what God is saying to you.  The key to understanding the numbers is going back to scriptures and then asking yourself – what does this number mean to me?  We’re going to cover some common ones here in this post.


  1.  The countdown… 6:54…5:43…4:32…3:21   This one is pretty obvious it is a countdown which means something is coming to an end.  If you see these God is trying to tell you that something is coming to an end.  The door is closing on something.  We’re using the numbers on a clock here but it could be anything – a store receipt, street address, anywhere you have numbers if you start noticing they are in an order counting down this is what it means
  2. The ramp up.  This generally happens after the count down you’ll start seeing the numbers go up 1:23… 12:34…4:56.  This just means God is moving you forward into something.  Things are ramping up
  3. If you get up at the same time each day or you wake up in the middle of the night.  Write down the time and when you can take your bible and search for bible verses with that number combination.  When you get to the correct scripture you will know it.
  4. 1111, 1:11, 11:11.  This is a transitional number.  Crossing over into something new (Deut 11:11) Transitioning into promise. (Hebrews 11:11)
  5. 2:22, 22:22. The double. Agreement. Authority (Isaiah 22:22), Fulfillment of promises (Habakkuk 2:)
  6. 3:33, 333 The Godhead. Completion. Perfection.  Jeremiah 33:3 – God is calling you into intercession because He has something to show you.
  7. 4:44, 444, 4 corners of the earth. The World. East, west, north, south – you need to ask for direction.
  8. 5:55, 555, Triple Grace.  (Isaiah 55:) God is giving you the grace you need to do what He has asked you to do.  Multiplication of resources (Luke 19:18-19)
  9. 666, 6  The number of man as he was created on the 6th day.  Sign of evil as it is the mark of the beast
  10. 777  Perfection.  Completion (Revelation 8:2), the 7 Spirits of God (Isaiah 11:2-3), the 7 lamp stands, 7 churches (Revelation 1)
  11. 888.  New Beginning. Something new. Change. (John 20:26)
  12. 999.  Fruitfulness.  Judgement. Gifts. (1 Corinthians 12:9-11) (Galatians 5:22-23)
  13. 10.  Order.  Ten Commandments.  Restoration (John 10:10)
  14. 12.  Government. 12 disciples. 12 tribes of Israel.  Apostolic Government.

911 – It’s a number for emergencies, this means you need to find a place to go into prayer and intercession as soon as you can.

747 …727 – It’s a jet.  High powered aircraft.  You’re either about the travel or He’s taking you on a flight spiritually with a prophetic ministry 🙂

Now, what if you get a random number and you keep seeing it over and over again. Well, pick up your bible and start looking up every scripture with

prophetic word december 2019
image from Bernard Mar & Co

that number combination.  At some point you are going to know exactly what God is saying through the number.

This is a very general list and doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing for everyone.  You should always pray and ask God what the number means to you.

God is speaking to His people through numbers in this season so you need to be aware of that and search out what the numbers mean so you can get clear direction.



I know Christians who get numbers and immediately play the lottery…they have yet to win!  God is doing a lot more than giving you lottery numbers and it’s important that you pay attention to the numbers.   Please know that the minute the number has fulfilled what it was sent to do, you will no longer see it.  That’s why repetitive numbers don’t happen all the time and they will change from season to season.

Have you been seeing repetitive numbers?  Comment below.

48 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for December 2019 – What do these numbers Mean? Part 1”

  1. Buenos días, que interesante encontrar está publicación.
    Hace unos días tuve un sueño y decía que el niño había nacido un día después del cumpleaños de mi hija menor.
    Mi hija menor nació el 9 de noviembre, podrías interpretar esos números como algún pasaje bíblico 9:10 de alguna carta de la biblia?
    Luego un día ví el número 91 y pensé talvez en la suma de 9+10=19 ó alreves 91, entonces no se como interpretarlo.
    El 19 de setiembre obtuvo a favor mio y de mi esposo una respuesta del juzgado. entonces ese 19 ha estado presente en mi cabeza, y no se como interpretarlo.

  2. I have been waking up at 2:21 AM for the past few days. At first I was scared, I thought it’s demonic spirits waking me up. So this word brought me peace. I went to the Bible and found scripture with 2:21 and Daniel 2:21 spoke to me because the Lord has been giving me revelation in bulk ( every day it’s something different) almost as a way to wrap up a time in my life and usher in new order which will require more edificationand sanctification on my part 2Timothy 2:21. It is a real blessing for God to so invested in my life that he is finding time daily to show me something. I have also been blessed so greatly after watching your live stream about hearing from God! I feel my heart is so open. Even just watching you, you made me feel it is OK to tear up when thinking about the goodness of God (I always used to hide it or feel ashamed of crying). Lastly (sorry for the long post)…I just want to share how I feel God speaking to me in more military style all of a sudden. At first I was like “Uhmm??” because it wasn’t the calm still voice I am used to hearing. That also confirmed that I am definitely in a new season because the Lord is not playing with me no more haha! Either I will obey and hastily do that which I am hearing with obedience and an open heart OR I will just stay a while longer in Kingdom training school (what I call it).

    I wonder if anyone can relate? This is new to me.

    1. Come on Lolo! Yes! And, don’t be afraid to cry this is the Holy Spirit moving you to compassion for people or giving you a glimpse of His heart and how broken it is at times for His children. Concerning the Military style, He appears to me alot in battle gear and He means business. We are approaching a time when we need to be militant, vigilant and hearing from God ourselves instead of going to and fro looking for a word. I’m trying to steer the ship in that direction but I have to make baby steps with the body of Christ. The first one was the class on hearing from God. He has shown me this HAS to happen in the body of Christ. It is a matter of urgency. People will be running around like chickens with their heads chopped off shortly if they don’t learn to hear for themselves. Our entire focus this year will be exactly that.

  3. Yes, I saw repetitive numbers so many times, i think sometimes that its just coincidence but there are many times God communicated to me through numbers where it was clear to me what i need to do, for example the number; 144, i would see it in many formats and when i would face a situation where i wasn’t sure what to decide i would understand that When i see this number exactly at that moment it is a confirmation that what i am about to do or not do would be His will. Like a little personal confirmation from God- thats the way i understand it 🙂 but i am still to learn so much because I feel i do not know the numbers as much as i should do. But thatnk you for this it helps a lit

    1. Thank you for sharing Emanuel! You are demonstrating exactly what this is about. The Lord has given you a number and shown you what it means specifically for you. It is now a way that He communicates His will with you. That’s great! While it may not make sense to anyone else, you know exactly what God is telling you. And, that is what it’s about the personal communication with the Lord. Amazing!

  4. Thank you for this word. I’ve been seeing so many numbers over the last 3 years i believe. One day I kept seeing the numbers 321…. I went in a store and walked passed a decorative pillow that said 321 blast off! I couldn’t believe it. I purchased the pillow and put it on my couch as a reminder that God is moving.
    I see 111, 1111, 222, 333, 444, 1234, 10:10, 12:12, 7:47 some personal ones 7:12 in which God gave me a scripture for. I woke up the other day at 9:19am and didnt’ think much of it and I decided to add the numbers up 9+1+9 which also equals 19 and i knew immediately God was speaking to me. 19 Stands for judgment. The Lord also gave me a corresponding scripture. I was praying for my husband who I am waiting to see the manifestation the Lord promised me concerning him. As I looked up at the clock it read 9:17. Holy Spirit told me to look those numbers up and it was dealing with Saul who had the transformation on the road to Damascus and was receiving new sight. That’s exactly what I was praying at the time in reference to my husband. The Lord shows me those numbers continuously as a reminder of that promised that He has made to me to transform my husband and give him a Damascus road experience.

  5. Hi, I have been seeing the numbers 10:16 in the morning at work and evening before I sleep. 3:33 and 4:44 usually in the afternoon. I have been seeing it the past couple of months.

  6. God is so good. I have been seeing 111 1111 444 333 222. Maybe for the last two months. Some days I will see double number for every hour that is possible on the clock. Today it has been 1111 and 1010. The transition is coming in complete order. I have been praying and reading the Word with the verses that contain the number. This is so much confirmation, because I literally prayed about this last night for deeper revelation. I love the way He leads and guides us. He is so amazing.

  7. I started seeing numbers everyday on the clock. It began in January 2017 and it goes on until this day. The numbers are 1:11,11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 10:10, 12:12. Sometimes I will receive numbers twice in one day like yesterday 444 and 555. In the beginning it was 11:11 and 10:10 and 1:11. I knew God was speaking to me but I didn’t know what but it was comforting just knowing he was with me and letting me know it. I was also wondering if I was the only one this was happening to and I am really glad that I am part of the remnant and he is talking to all of us. I feel like something really major is about to happen to all of us because it is really getting strange out there in the government and around the world. I have never seen anything like what is transpiring before our very eyes right now. It is good to know that God is close and he is faithful.

    1. I have been coming across numbers that to me are opening up, like 23:32, or 12:21 or 13:31 that type of sequence where it’s sort of the number and then it’s reversed back onto itself.
      I used to think that it means that things are opening up for me, like two hands that are opening, but as I’m writing this, it comes to my mind that it’s actually closing onto itself. Can it be that I’m caught up in a loop so to speak.
      I would really appreciate it if you could tell me what you get from it.
      Kind regards and total blessings on you and this site.

  8. Since my son was little he always saw the numbers 1234, he still sees them till this day and he’s 22. He is away from church and Knows the the Lord is speaking to him but wonders what they mean. Also,
    We have been believing for a miracle house for over two years now, when the Lord began giving me a vision for the promise, I started seeing the numbers 555 and the last numbers to the house address are 555. My husband recently told me that for about a month now, he’s been seeing the numbers 444. I understand the number references can apply but any personal insight would be so appreciated, thank you!

  9. I found this message to be confirming and at the same time funny in a way how God sometimes confirms later… As the brief above highlights… I was seen 11, 11:11,1:11so much it made me upset. I started the year with my well paid job and caring for my toddler at the hospital on 1Jan.Ending the year with a business launch and revelation for the next decade.. As I have entered into my business, I can confirm I don’t see this number anymore..

    This is also how I found the missionaries of prayer online… I kept searching to find a word or something that makes me understand what I’m going through… And then God leads you, directs you, and opens his word.. Sustaining you through the journey….
    Thank God for MoP..surely the hand of God is visible on this site and ministry.. Let those who visit this site, those who cannot speak of their challenges to others, those who think God does not speak to them or does not know… Be encouraged through this site.. We are truly living in the times where God is moving! God is faithful, he Will not leave you unanswered!!!!!!!

  10. I definitely have been seeing 11:11 or 2:22 and have been meditating on Joshua 3. Thank you Lord for what you are about to do!!

  11. Number meanings can be found at – Meaning of numbers. Each number has been showing up for me. 33 (promises, resurrection) has been the main number along with 9 (finality, judgement), 20 (complete waiting period), 15 (rest after deliverance), 16 (love, loving), 2 (division and union), 11 (wickedness, chaos, cut off, breaking the law), 19 (judgement), and 22 (concentration of disorganization.

    The meaning for me is that my wife who is currently trying to divorce me is about to die in a plane crash with my 2 daughters because she is not following God. She’s choosing to separate from my God’s protection, prayers, and His head of protection. I’ve been firm and faithful as her husband and follow the Ghost. 👻 God is the only Judge and I will not move away from being her husband until death do us part. 💀

    It’s sad but a testimony that will glorify God and advance the Kingdom. 👑

    1. Hi Herstyn, thanks for sharing. I guess that could be one interpretation of the numbers. I’d like to share another looking at it from God’s grace, love and forgiveness. Hold on to the promises of God who will resurrect and bring fruitfulness out of your faithfulness. When you have endured the waiting period your deliverance will come as you continue to show your wife love, the two shall remain one and during this time of transition (11) if you remain in faith (19) God will restore double (22).
      Speak life over your wife and daughters Herstyn. Speak life and at the end of the day, whatever happens, the Lord will reward you for that. Blessings.

      1. Thank you!!! You’re right, it’s about God’s Grace and Love and Speaking Life. I will do that! Thank you 🙏

    2. Thank you for this good and timely word. I have personally received numbers from the Lord leading me to many verses, mostly encouragement, often during difficult times. Digital clocks, license plates, my phone and computer. It’s amazing! He’s amazing!! Looking forward to this year’s fast; last year’s I received two revelations. One was regarding my son and it was huge!!! Thank You, Lord! Btw, I didn’t know about numbers “747” … Makes sense now. Wow!! Thank you MOP!

    3. Woow,, it seems you always know what i am thinking about. For many times, you have published what i am facing in real situation in other part of this earth.
      I have waited your prophecy since a few days ago, but it’s not published get..
      When i read your first statement which said God is talking with numbers and proclaimed, “No, It’s not numerology”,, It looks like you have struck my mind with clear meaning.. cause just 20 hours ago, while i sought what God’s prophecy for this month, another website tells about number 9 ,cause it’s a 9th month based on Jewish Biblical Calendar, and my mind questioned, ‘whether it’s a numerology’
      Till i read your prophecy, i get a reminding explanation that YAHWEH truly speaks with number.

      I have seen 555 or 5:55 Times since 2012 and now many things changed, get i still see that number 555 even 222, like woke up on 2:22.. i don’t know why recent at the dawn, i usually wake up twice just to go to toilet, usually in half past 2 / 2:35 / 2:20 and then 4:20, 4:30 or 4:44.

      Thank you for your sharing. Mau The Lord of Israel bless you in Yahshua Messiah name. Amen. HaleluYAH! Shalom.

  12. Oh my Lord my God! I see numbers all the time like 20:20; 12:12; 12:21; 11:11; 4:44 and 5:55 and the list goes on. It is almost always when ever
    I look at my phone and have been wondering what does it all mean because I feel something in me but had no idea what to do with it. Incidentally I was reaching a point where I was going to write to you ask if you would know about these numbers. Glory to God for using you to answer me.
    i am looking forward to the fast and prayer with you all.
    God bless

  13. Wow my wife had a dream that I got a check in the mail that totaled 1824 and honestly I can admit I went to play in the lottery being that i have been praying for a financial breakthrough but after reading this I’m eager to go search it in the scriptures thank you for clarity on this

    1. Thanks for sharing! Yes, many people use the numbers to play the lottery but I’m glad I could offer you another way to look at this. I’m sure whatever it is has to do with your financial prosperity. Praying God reveals it to you and your wife. Blessings.

    2. I loved your honesty about playing the lottery.

      The lottery is the diversion to financial freedom. Financial freedom was explained to me when I had not a cent, abused mom ( single ) with two kids.

      Very clearly while on my knees crying out to Hod into the unknown of so much as I needed a lot.

      I was shown a strong message within one scripture that to seek first THE kingdom of God and His Righteousness. PERIOD.
      Matt 6:33.

      I pondered all and wondered what “and all these things shall be added unto you”

      I was certain it was not money , the very thing that was not on my table. I had no table , we slept in the car.

      So this was a turning point for my spiritual eyes.

      I cried sincerely ABBA my father , i shall seek your Kingdom and your righteousness ,yes, yes Lord. But may i ask that All these things added unto me be spiritual riches rather than worldly.

      My world has been a living testimony to His Kingdom.

      The Lord has not a lottery to gain but a poverty to lose.

      Fasting will reveal much.

      Sis Reta

  14. I have been seeing 222 and 333 towards the end of the year. The beginning and middle of this year I have been seeing 111, and 1111.

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