Night Prayer or Bedtime Prayers for Children

Night Prayer

Night Prayer or Bedtime Prayers

Teaching our kids bedtime prayer is a wonderful tool for leading them into a relationship with Jesus and for initiating a lifestyle of dependence on God. A lot of children have fears of nightmares which can be prevented by always praying to God at night.  This also offers the opportunity to draw near to God and get to know Him more as a loving father who protects and comforts.

Bedtime prayer has the potential to instill in children certain values like prayer, trust, and thankfulness.

There are so many Bedtime Prayers out there and they are usually in the form of a poem so that children would be able to memorize them easily. Here are a couple:

Dear Daddy God in heavenNight Prayer
Thank you for this happy day
Forgive me too
 dear Abba
For bad things done
 I pray

Go tuck me now in Your embrace
All night watch over me
And shower sweet dreams
’til tomorrow
 when I will rise again to play!


Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to Keep

If I should die before I wake

I pray the Lord My Soul to take


1 thought on “Night Prayer or Bedtime Prayers for Children”

  1. Please pray for All Children’s especially you Grandchildrens and great grands.Lord I am so afraid for the young children’s and youth that coming up in this world today Lord like our generation you are all any of us have. Please help them find the way to you. Please stay with all of us Lords especially our Children’s and grands.
    Keep them safe and protected. Should them with your Blood.

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