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Coronavirus COVID-19 Prayers and Bible Verses

Prophetic Words 2020 and 5780

prophetic word - covenants
This prophetic word relates to making covenants in this season.  I need to warn you before you read any further that this is R-Rated.  Yes, it’s rated R. Why is that?  Well, I have to give you the message as it was given to me.  By changing that, I would …

prophetic word passover
This prophetic word is based on a couple visions that I had one the first week of March and then the second at the end of March 2020.  This was at the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic when more states were just joining in with New York for a stay …

prophetic word dress rehearsal
This is a prophetic word for not only April, Passover and Easter 2020 but something that we can all hold on to for the years to come. So, at the beginning of this pandemic in the US (around February 2020), I said to the Lord what is this all about? …

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