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      The first dream I had was on December 2021, I was walking in the forest but suddenly the floor is all covered by wheat yellow wheat, and it is so much that in my dream I can hear the sound of my shoes when I give steps on the wheat, is like shredded Wheat and I reach down and put it in my hand and then I eat it. and it’s very sweet, I keep walking and I find a wedding ring in the middle of the wheat that is on the floor. it’s white gold and it has three small diamonds, I pick it up from the floor and put it in my mouth and it bends but doesn’t break.

      The second dream was yesterday, I am on a road with my brother, I don’t know where but it is a place with hot weather and the sky is blue and the sun is shining and there is a beautiful large banana tree with very green leaves and it has a hanging beehive, it is yellow so yellow that it looks like papaya but it is a beehive it has honey and with the help of a cutter I put it down and some bees come out but they do not chase me they are only in the honeycomb. Immediately the dream continues with me wanting to buy honey in a supermarket but while I look for honey I remember how I was eating honey from a container and I see the container with a spoon inside, that is, in the dream, I remember how I was eating honey and I wake up.

      Thank you very much for the help.

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      Hello Etel,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      I’m not sure what your marital status is. What came to mind was the book of Ruth, harvest time and Ruth finding her rest (Ruth 1:9). God will be in your union and you will receive this blessing. You have arrived in your place of milk and honey, promised land, Hallelujah!


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      Thank you very much! I am single , but I don’t understand how should I be praying for these dreams, are they both the same… I forgot to tell but tue first dream was on December when on the prophetic word suggested us to be praying for God to give us a dream.

      Thank you !

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      Hello Alejandra,

      You are welcome and may Yahweh Alone be praised. I think your task is just to rejoice and thank God for what He is doing and going to do. Have a posture of thanksgiving and say to Him “I receive everything that you have in store for me. Open my eyes to see what you have and are preparing for me” 🙂


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