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Why is Mom in my spiritual warfare dreams

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      Hello M.O.P
      My mom features prominently in my spiritual warfare dreams and I don’t know what this means. She is still alive, we have a good relationship and I love her dearly. Holy spirit revealed that my mother’s blood line have been
      and are still involved in the spiritual Baptist religion. (btw all my mother’s siblings are catholic or full gospel).

      But whenever I have a warfare dream my mom is by my side not saying anything or helping just there. Here are two examples that I would love your interpretation:
      (1) last night dreamt my mother and I in a strange place outdoors in a yard. On the ground we saw many handicraft dolls, face up at our feet. The handicraft dolls were of people of color. MY mom and I laughed at this sight and tall man (a demon) launched at me and lifted up my right hand, pinned me to a wall and jabbed me in my left side. I woke up and cancelled that attack.

      2) night before dreamt I am at my mother’s house and I noticed the front door almost off it’s hinged so it was not secure and could not close properly. There was still burgular proofing but I remember being concerned. On closer look the wood of the door was also eaten away from termites. I called my mom and showed her.

      3) final dream- this happened a earlier this. Dreamt a very large yellow snake with two tails in my living room. I ran to a large cutlass – a large garden tool with a sharp blade. I remember seeing and thinking how sharp the blade was. At the wall with me was my mother and son. I grabbed the cutlass and ran back to the snake. And i hesitated to strike as all i was seeing was its back and tail not the head. In the dream i thought if I just strike the tail it would turn around and bite me. So it continued moving and hid behind a piece of furniture.

      There’s much more that these are the most significant. These dreams have increase in frequency since 2020.

      Whatever holy spirit reveals is welcomed.

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      Hello Ann,

      Thank you for sharing your dreams with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      I just feel led to give you a summary and not dissect every dream.
      Your Mum in your dream is the Holy Spirit, that is ever present and ready to assist, and all you need is to ask for Help and/or use the weapons that He has already equipped you with. No weapons formed against you shall conquer (Jeremiah 54:7) and that includes any demonic and/or voodoo/occultic activities.
      There might be two deceptions that you are believing (yellow snake with two tales) but you are not tackling it well.
      Continue to keep yourself pure, serve only One Master, don’t mix your belief with God/Jesus with any other spiritual or different gospel. This advice applies to other family members as well.


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