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      In a tj maxx type store different floors. One floor full of sewing stuff. I stick myself with a sewing needle and pull it out and stick it in a bag of sand bc my friend is buying needles.

      Feels like I go up to next floor. With a male companion I don’t know well/trust. Initially the man is getting us a valentine mug filled with something. As we are in the checkout line, He dances me around the store, but I am awkward about it and he is graceful. He leads me but my feet don’t move like I don’t trust him. Next I am checking out and now the person is an unknown female friend. The total is $8000 (waaaay more than it should be). I try to signal to my friend to just walk away, but she gives over $10,000 in payment and gets $2,000 back. I tell her to return everything the cost was too much. But the store owners (two men) won’t do it. One thing was for her car and the men go to install it. Another older female employee at the store tells me the men are overcharging people because they need the money to pay their taxes that are due soon, and that some of the stuff they sell is stolen. I go outside (now this is in my mothers driveway) and demand that they quit installing the thing and give us our money back. I say i know they are selling stolen goods and if they don’t give her the money back I will call the sheriff. I don’t know if I say that last part bc as I realize they’ve got the car taken apart and we might not be able to leave, I’m careful about threatening them. Then I wake up.

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      Hello Joanna,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share back to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      I think that this is actually a VERY precious dream. The Lord Jesus Christ (the man dancing) is wooing you (valentine mug with chocolate) and wants you to have a new beginning, a new ($8,000) life. The men that are installing things in the car are probably angels assisting you for your life/ministry (car) for the new thing that God wants for you. It looks like God may have been sending different people your way in the natural but you misunderstand their intention. I’m not sure what your spiritual beliefs at this time or in general are but the Lord is wooing you. How beautiful! Be bold and don’t question His love for you 🙂


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