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    Latoya Fleming

    Good morning I need prayer I lost my job a week of working and lost custody of my 2nd son because of my son father being with me during my first son custody battle and knew the lies they used and it was messy and hurtful… My son is 9 years old. I need God for guidance a stronger relationship with him and to restore my family. I conceived by rape so I don’t really have a relationship with my mother and now I have to fight for two children Quadir who is 10 years old and Jamier who is 9 years old. I’m an awesome mom my children are amazing and I hate that the lies have prevailed. I need order in my home. I need protection and sincere love from God which I have but a little more in this dark moment. I also need to break my addiction to tobacco and marijuana because of this stress. I have backslid into these things…. please pray for me.

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    Latoya Fleming

    I was conceived by rape and my mother has a hard time dealing with me. I’m the oldest daughter and she has spoken horrible against me you probably are like you must have done something well my mother helped with taking my first son my grandmother tried to help with taking my second son…. I am being sincerely honest I have asked these women what did I do to them I never cursed them out tried to belittle them or anything my grandmother has changed and is working on our relationship but I really only have friends that are family my sisters are only 21 and 17 and they are amazing they help me and love me because they see the truth. I was looking for the love I feel I never received and now I’m a single mother and I have to fight these battles alone. I do desire a husband but it has to be a man of God because I can’t even imagine dealing with someone who’s not especially in these times. That’s not my focus I’m working on my faith and fighting for my children but please pray on my behalf and if God places anything on your heart please tell me I’m praying next I’m working on fasting I have to be delivered from these addictions and I need answers. Thank you for your prayers.

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    Praying for you lotoya. You don’t need that ugly weed. Stay off of it. I understand if the Tabacco takes longer though. I’m praying you get your precious children back. Read the Bible every day. Hang in there. Lord, please get Lotoya her children back. Help her to do well for them. Give her your Comfort, strength and peace in this time. Let all unfairness stop in Jesus holy Name I ask this Father God Almighty in heaven, Creator of heaven and earth. Amen and amen.

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