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      Jacqueline Nyawira

      On the night of Sunday, March 6th, 2022, as I was spending quality, alone-time with God in earnest prayer, it was confirmed to my spirit that there are relatives on my father’s side of the family, who have been praying diabolical prayers against me to destroy me, since my conception within my mother’s womb.

      Further, throughout most of my teen years & adulthood years, my biological father was very emotionally abusive toward me—his emotional abuse was so narcissistic that he even interfered in my career development and every time he did, I would experience repeated traumatizing conditions & problems without end.

      Earlier in my biological father’s life before I was born on August 26th, 1986, my father studied & lived in India for 5 years—when he returned to Kenya, he was a different [seemingly spiritually disturbed] man. He was very abusive to my mother from when I was 7 years of age, throughout my teen years, & in most of my early adulthood years. As I drew closer to God and searched the deep things of God from a young age, it was confirmed to my spirit that a critical & judgmental spirit, as well as, a spirit of covetousness, were tormenting my father’s spirit.

      While I have prayed for my biological father’s deliverance, matters have escalated to a point where as at this year 2022 [since early 2019], he still continues to undermine my human dignity to his siblings & friends because I’ve struggled through unemployment & financial lack for the last 3 years—he ridicules me that my MBA degree qualification and nearly 8 years of work experience have been to no avail.

      When I tell you that my biological father has caused me unimaginable pain, stigma, & trauma, I am honestly not exaggerating. BUT I don’t hate him. However, until he is totally delivered, through Jesus Christ, I need divine protection from any further wicked plans that he may be scheming toward my career development [cause something my mother mentioned to me earlier today, confirmed to my spirit that my biological father has began interfering in my career again].

      I do not feel safe [at all] around my biological father—whenever he looks at me, I feel like he looks at me with haughty eyes and there’s a darkness I strongly sense around him that I cannot explain. This breaks my heart and crushes my spirit like you cannot believe because being the only daughter in my family [as I only have 2 brothers], I should be able to feel safe around my biological father; instead I am often very guarded around him.

      Please pray for me that God will grace me with His peace and soak me in His power and love. Pray that no man, no woman, and no devil will shut, the door that God will open for me in my career development. I have hurt so much over the last decade that I feel numb. I now sometimes find myself earnestly wishing that the LORD Jesus Christ will return soon because life on this earth is becoming unbearable.

      My heart is so worn out from breaking and my spirit is so worn out from being crushed. I have never been married nor had children but I feel ready to be with my Heavenly Father—with all the angels & saints in Heaven. Please pray for me. I am a born-again child of God but I genuinely need your support in prayers.

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