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      Greetings everyone. I would like to share my experience of the goodness of God in my life. It all begun at the very begining of December 2021. I got home from work prepared for bed I really was’nt thinking of anything my mind was quiet, it was late in the night. as soon as i lay down I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit said to me you have cancer. There was no tears, no asking questions I was just very still. I thought to myself with all that I am going through now this..I tell you the truth there was a peace That I cannot explain. A few days later I said Lord where is the cancer? He replied in your nose. I have always had problem to the right side of my face,head,neck,back and shoulders due to severe abuse from my ex husband. December 13th 2021 went to bed as usual immediately upon laying down I started feeling different as if lifted a little from my body. At this time I started seeing what appears as men dressed like doctors they all were full of lights..they stood around me but i just could not see there faces they all wore doctor’s white coat. I was given a needle, they were talking but I was not permitted in hearing what they were saying. My nose was removed after they proceded in removing the cancer. Next I was shown my vertibrae and spinal cord and I was told that I will be given a new one. To my surprise I also had ovarian cancer that was removed surgically and supernaturally. The Lord healed me of it all in one night. I was unaware of how truely sick I was because I had been streesed for quit some time and neglected the fact of the importance of taking care of myself. I started praying and singing to the Lord. Thanks be to The Lord my healer and Father..I’m grateful..Amen!!!

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