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The Lagoon & The Leviathan

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      Maria E unkovich

      I was on the shore of a blue lagoon. The sun was bright, the breeze was calm and my son, myself and a few other people were getting ready to go for a swim in the beautiful blue water. We got into the water. The shoreline was shallow for a few feet and then dropped sharply so that the water was deep only a few feet from the shore. Nonetheless, we were swimming next to a dock that stretched out into the water about 30 to 50 feet… it was to the left of us and there was a cluster of palm trees on a mound of sand to the right of us, so we were swimming in the little cove between the two elements.
      As we were swimming, one of the people we were with noticed a large figure in the water. I thought it was a shark or a whale but wasn’t sure what it was. It was very large and circled the front of the dock to the left of us. We were too far from the shore so my son and I swam to a pontoon that was anchored to the dock. We untied it and tried to maneuver it toward the other people before the large creature in the water swam toward them. It got windy and my son struggled to keep the pontoon on the water, for the strong wind was lifting it off the surface of the water.
      We got into the pontoon and tried to weigh it down with our body weight but the wind flipped it over and we were tossed into the air and fell into the water in close proximity to the creature that was frolicking just a few feet from us. My son made it to the dock and quickly got out of the water but I was not close enough to climb onto the dock where he was. I saw the creature still circling in front of the dock and should have been afraid because I was in the water in very close proximity to it, but I was not afraid… I swam to the dock and took my time doing it, somehow knowing that the creature could not harm me.
      The scene changed, and now I, my son and the others were getting ready to leave the lagoon. We were making sure we had all of our things packed in our suitcases & bags, so that we would not leave anything behind. As I ran into the room where I had been staying; a room in which, just a few minutes ago, had all of the amenities of a vacation suite—but it was now completely empty. The only thing in it was a huge, scaly, dark green crocodile. It let me know that it was in the room by opening its mouth and hissing at me… It began to move toward the entrance of the door and called out to my son, saying: “Hey Aaron, come here and look at what I found in my room!” I told him I believed that was the same creature that was in the water with us earlier and he agreed that it probably was… We were not afraid of it at all, but were cautiously trying to corner it so it could not escape the room. We were able to corral it quite easily and then made sure that all the windows and any other opening that it could escape through were all closed—leaving it no options but to be incarcerated in that room with no furniture, no food, no water and no freedom.
      As we shut the door, we made sure it would not be able to escape. We closed the door and did not consider at all, that it was a huge and powerful crocodile that we had trapped with such ease… it seemed to us as easy as if this huge and powerful crocodile was as small as a tiny little lizard…
      We locked the door behind us, made sure that we had all of our possessions and then walked down the hallway laughing and talking about the experience, and then we walked out of the front door of where we had been staying… The dream faded and ended there.

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