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      Hi MOP

      When I saw my name come up on the prophetic word as having a testimony to share, I straight away felt in my heart it was for me to write something.

      But at the time I was going through some BIG battles with victory seemingly very far off…

      So I waited, and waited and waited for these situations to resolve or to hear from the Lord about what he wanted me to write about and I realised although I’m still waiting for the BIG Victories to be won there have been many smaller victories that have already happened that are worthy to testify of God’s loving kindness and faithfulness to me.

      Last year my Husband had a bad reaction to mandated medication and suffered a heart attack, at the time this happened when he was in hospital we also had some big storms and minor flooding on our property.

      With everything going on the damage caused to our home was not noticed until some months later, when we discovered swollen floor boards we called the insurers, who only started to look at our home in September 2021 (months and months later).

      We were due for our annual termite inspection and termites were found in one location where the water had gotten into the floors and walls.

      The Termite people sprayed the area with poison and were delayed investigating further because of the insurance claim underway for water damage floors, we had to wait for the insurer to approve and authorise works for termite people to not void our claim.

      Normally the insurer will not cover termite damage so we were very concerned as termites can do allot of damage quickly and as we still have quite a large mortgage and live on my single income week to week with little savings or ability to pay large repairs.

      BUT GOD, the Termite people and insurers engineer both confirmed that termites were new and had come in as a result of the water damage and in this instance the Insurer agreed to replace the affected beams and plaster, I knew this was God.

      Then we waited and waited and waited for the repair works to be scheduled, and just before Easter 2022, the insurer called us saying the builder will start works to fix beam and replace the floors etc, but we needed to find a unit in a week over Easter peak period, they expected the work to take 1 week, but would book us accommodation for 3 weeks just in case. My husband and son planned to stay one week only so I applied for extra time off work and I prayed to God for a nice unit that I saw advertised with an Ocean View that would also be an opportunity to bless my good friend to join me for some time away because we could not afford to get away for a break over Christmas as we had planned. Because we live in a tourist destination near beaches, everything seemed to have been booked out at this time and only a few super, super expensive place available for rent. BUT GOD came through again with a beautiful unit approved by insurer to share with family and then with my friend to enjoy some time out together.

      Then the builder started works, they found more termites and stopped works, Again God came through and the insurer approved to fix the second section of termite damage.

      The Termite treatment company could not do a more thorough investigation until the insurers works have been completed, as stored furniture is blocking access, but they advised that they will install a new termite barrier system nearly $4000.00 at no charge to us. This is allot of money to us so again, Praise God that he is looking after us.

      The builder started works again, then found a third section with termites and stopped works, this time they finished removal of the whole flooring, and since then we are still waiting….

      In the mean-time my workplace has advised that they will be downsizing and making redundancies, in the midst of it all God has been using all these things for my good, doing a deep work building my faith, strengthening me and giving me a peace that surpasses all understanding. I am expecting for God to show off through these trials, so that the favour and blessing of God over my life will bear witness to all those around me of the goodness of God, especially to my husband and son who are not yet walking with the Lord.

      I am looking forward to see what God does next.


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