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      Since 2016, I started not having an appetite for meat. Every time, I wanted to it, I would just be put off. I would only eat the vegetables. It went on like that, and then chicken was added to it, now I could not eat meat and chicken. I continued on vegetables. The only relish I could now eat was fish, but as time went on that feeling of being put off started. I did not know what to do. Discussed with my doctor and she suggested I try mince meat, by having them cooked as meatballs and try to eat as I needed proteins. But I failed. The vegetables I relied to were green beans and kale and carrots and dried sugar beans. Funny enough, if the meat was roasted on fire I could eat with no problems. My problem went on for a while, and it now moved to what I was relying on most, vegetables. I went off kale and green beans. But I could eat sugar beans and okra. I was in the 7 day Daniel Fast this January. After the fast, when I returned to normal foods, I was surprised that I could eat meat and all that I was unable to eat. I can now eat meat, chicken and the vegetables with no problem. The funny thing was that this was not on my prayer request list, I had forgotten to put it, but I thank God for working it out Himself on this issue for. I praise God.

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